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victim autos we held him from the head. >> he grabbed a tee shirt and did his best to stop bleeding. six people were injured and taken to the hospital. the gallery owner says the man who came throughout window appeared to have the most-visible injuries. >> this looks like the truck struck two pedestrian autos now, shop keepers and workers leaving little evidence of the chaos hours earlier. this is where the truck crashed into the wall. both inside say they can feel the building shake. there is no word wret on the condition of those injured and there are investigators telling us it was a case of someone trying to beat the light. >> and there is sandhya patel with a look at the accuweather
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preview. >> going to be heating up this weekend. >> and right now, temperatures fell today. and there are 70s and 80s inland. numbers going to rise significantly hitting the weekend. there is a forecast tonight. foggy out there. there are clouds and low 50s. temperatures into the 50s and clearing foremost of you. temperatures from low 60s to mid-90s. but there is a warmer saturday afternoon. there is poor and moderate air quality for the rest of the bay area, sunday it gets steamy winning into monday and excessive heat watches. >> the latest now on the mom who used her daughter to shop
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lift groceries from a safeway and left the little girl there when authorities arrived. police believe the 38-year-old marcy keelan is still in the area, she has been in contact with her mother who has custody of the daughter since that occurred nine days ago. keelan has a warrant for her arrest. >> there is a middle schoolteacher expected of lewd contact with a child is out on bail. he was not been charged. the case is still under investigation. and the district attorney says he could be arraigned next month in f.charges are filed. >> you're looking at live picture nouz from novato. there is a 12-year-old girl killed yesterday. today there are calls to make that stretch of road safer. amy hollyfield has the latest. >> today was supposed to be a fun day at the middle school. the plan to have friendship day. an event where kids let loose a little bit. instead, the campus is full of
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grief counselors. >> there is a water day. everybody gets wet and has fun. >> the student was killed yesterday on novato boulevard hit while riding her bike home from school. the principal arrived before dawn with a heavy heart to try to prepare for her grieving students. >> there aren't words to express sorrow and loss you feel when a child's slif taken. >> hailly and her family had just moved to novato a month ago from new mexico. >> she was adjusting amazingly. she got so many friends, quickly. right, girls? yes. she made a big, big impression. >> nanny coil works at the school where her three brothers are students and she had no trouble finding words to describe hailey. >> beautiful. loving. outgoing and her mother as
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well. i mean she's dove into the coming to school, helping in classrooms. >> the principal says grief counselors offered to be here all next week, too. >> students are experiencing the loss of a peer. this doesn't matter, the loss still deep and very heart felt. >> there is a mother and daughter escaping this house fire today after their smoke detectors started sounding. there are pictures showing the roof engulfed in flames. the fire broke out in willow glenn area, neighbors called 911 to report this house burning. >> want to give you a live look outside now there is a nightmare commute going. traffic is a mess and people crawl along to get to the lower deck but there is a twist. >> this is about to get worse,
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cyclists celebrating 20th's of critical mass it could be a critical pain in the commute for many. and happening now, critical mass bike riders gathering here as they do last friday of every month. tonight the toth anniversary ride. they'll be gathering here then biking out into the city. police say they have no idea of the route they'll just try to keep up alongside riders. you've heard of crowd estimates as many as 10,000 for this anniversary event and we've talked with some visiting from out of the country taking part in the ride. people in cars trying to navigate around town, the ride can snarl already-crowded streets adding to congestion, howard street is closed between 3rd and 4th because of the oracle conference. and police advise patients for
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those in cars that will be trying to get home. and i'll be back at 6:00. >> keep in mind you can navigate around critical mass by using waze. >> you can down load it for free from our web site. >> might come in handy in los angeles right now. there is a carmeggedon 2 will be beginning. closed for a construction project. a similar shut down last year was the original carmeggedon. >> and caltrans is reminding bay area drivers that the bridge will be closed next month and there is the bridge closing from 10:00 p.m.
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to 5:00 a.m. the following monday. and there be replacing roadway. >> a new law will make buying an electric car more affordable. it allows to use charging stations into the loan. >> an effort urging the governor to veto a controversial vaccine bill there are most doctors are concerned and al rallying against ab 2109 requiring parents who don't want their kids vaccinated to receive a written waiver. >> a governor sign aid bill into law giving students access to electric versions of college textbooks. this is a online version. >> and christopher stevens will be honored with a moment
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of silence tomorrow before the cal football game. the university set up a fund to receive gifts in his honor. >> happening now alameda county food bank is desperate for food. they haven't received enough donations to help the needy. >> there is donations from the federal government only this is a food bank that hasn't received their usual shipment in sometime. they say she the haven't received shipments in two months, the longest in yeents memory here that they've gone without delivery of the items like canned vegetables,, fruit, rice, beans and frozen meat. normally they'd have one
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million pounds on the shelves now they're down to half of that this is not clear if it's not available or hasn't been ordered. usda has yet to give answers but reality is that one in six people now in alameda county rely on the give aways may have to go without key item autos haven't saved shipment since end of july. there is a shortage that our agencies are feeling. >> the food bank aappeal together public asking for them to organize food drives and make donations or just volunteer, it's unclear why this hasn't come. for information you can go to our web silt n oakland abc 7
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news. >> thank you. >> and san francisco new law banning plastic bags from stores goes into affect on monday. retailers will have to charge 10 cents for each paper or kpoftable bag and this is intended to help san francisco reach its goal. >> crews getting ready for the oracle open world event. this is traffic pretty congested. there are 50,000 people expected and this is expected to generate $120 million in revenue. and still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 saying goodbye to a broadcasting legend. voice of traffic signs off after 51 years. >> and also coming up kodak exiting printer business in a big victory for photo site
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instagram. >> michael finney taking your questions and will answer them here live a little later. you can contact michael on twitter at m finney.
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>> that family voice keeping drivers up to speed left the air waives. >> that is of course kgo radio's stan he gave a traffic report after 51 years on the radio. and for years kept watch from the helicopter and he says
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this will be dichb. >> you go on vacation get into the mode of look. i don't have to deal with an alarm clock and this and that. i know don'ts are out there. the part that has yet to sink in is that other obligation that's followed are not coming back. >> he will be inducted into the bay area radio hall of fame october 6th. >> instagram gaining rounds and there is some big growth in asia. >> eastman kodak saying it will exit consumer printing business part of a plan. the company says it's going to stop selling printers next year but will sell ink supplies.
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kodak is cutting 200 more jobs on top of the 3700 cuts earlier this year. kodak is asking a court for more time to put together its reorganization plan. >> there is microsoft teeming up with clout a start up and this company signed a deal and also made an undisclosed investment. will add features to bing search engine and there is also announced it's including data from facebook pages in it's scoring. and photo sharing app, instagram has beaten twitter receiving an average 7.3 million adviseors in august, twitter attracting 6.8 million. and there is users also spending more time on
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instagram. and gits news for mark zuckerberg. and it's now worth $730 million and facebook and twitter are both seeing big growth in china though the company's technically are blocked from being there. global web index says the number of facebook users grew from around eight million in 2009 to $65 million this year. and there are twitter numbers up in the same time period. and saying chinese are using private networks to get around client wall and use facebook and twitter. stock market we did see declines and as for your bloomberg silicon valley index, shares of apple and ebay all leading to the decline.
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there is a new search engine out there that is devoted to porn, it searches sites with the triple x sufficientism. ob site owners say what happens on stays on i will leave it there. back to you. >> thank you. >> and have a good weekend. >> speaking of the weekend there is a heat watch ahead. >> and there is big change autos huge changes coming up. it's cooler today, temperatures rising quickly now that heat watches for all of the inland areas what it means is hot weather. sunday, monday, possibly into tuesday. there is a live picture, and if you have young kids, pets,
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don't leave them in the cars and make sure you check on the elderly. there are tips people forget. deep marine layer 1800 feet deep. it's very evident here from the satellite perspective. there is mid. >>s and chilly this afternoon. not just near the coast but pushing it's way over the bay into berkeley. foggy tonight. misty in spots. there is a heat watch going up once again. there it s areas under this watch. there are hot conditions and warming possible on monday. so once again, be careful out there. we do have hot weather coming up and we didn't see much heat this year so far and so when
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this happens it's just a reminder to people to be careful. there is a beach hazard. monterey bay beaches under a beach hazard statement there is a large storm breaks and these are all beaches around the monterey bay that may be impacted. there is tomorrow morning, fog, low clouds, temperatures into 60s to start off. tomorrow afternoon, you'll see fog backing away from some parts of the coastline. so temperatures rise 70s in san francisco. there is towards south bay, 85 so it's going to be warm tomorrow, warmer day for everyone. you can feel heat into sunday and monday. there is 75 in santa cruz and 91 inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is a pair the air day
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tomorrow and there are sunday, monday, going to be cooking. there is getting close to records and there are slight dip and you want to win $49,000? 49,000 viewers have liked us on facebook and there are all eligible to win the sweeps stakes. click the win $49,000 button, you can fill out the form and we'll announce the winner october 18th after 49ers game here on abc 7 news. >> there is $49,000 is no chump change. >> i'd be happy with 9,000s oodz wow. >> and more revelations from arnold schwartzeneggar's
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memoir including what he says is the stupidist thing he's ever done. >> and coming up how an ipad helped him prepare for a role. >> taking a look at traffic right now this is the bay bridge you can see there is quite a back up there on the righthand side of the screen. there are folks making their way to pay the toll. the news continues right after this.
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former california governor says his april yair a housekeeper is quote the stupidist thing i've done. he's making media rounds to promote his new audio biography saying his wife confronted him about the love child in a counseling session the day after he left office. schwartzeneggar admits he did wrong. >> i think that is the stupidist thing i've done in the whole relationship. it was terrible. ininflicted tremendous pain on maria and on the kids. >> and schwartzeneggar trying to rehabilitate his image. besides the book there are action movies coming out as well. >> and elvis is removed from his bill board thrown and
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kristin bell gets a gig in retail. >> this is in today's report. >> it's friday meaning the box office is full of new movies. >> he says he was happy to hear bruce giving him a thumb's up for the performance. >> i watched the movie and ripped the audio off of the movies and listen on the ipod. he recorded voice overs for me and sent those to me. >> and there are also inspirational won't back down and the comedy hotel transsill vaina. kristin bell is appearing in a series of short films featuring 100 new products. and access nia long also star autos rapper lil wayne just
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surpassed elvis with the most singles on top 100 charts. the charts did not even exist in his early years. lil wayne now has 109 thanks to collaboration was other artists. for more news throughout the weekend go to >> and still to come a special honor for a little boy killed in san swros yeah. >> and attack on america banks and how it could affect you while banking online. >> and there is what we've heard before, football players
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pedestrians have a new bridge they can use to cross busy streets. >> and we're live with the story. >> before this bridge is constructed and the fence installed you would see ped december streenz scrambling across the street and another street on another side of the tracks and when a 2-year-old was killed it became painfully clear that the bridge had to
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get built. >> he snipped a ribbon opening this bridge to traffic. he was with his little brother on that terrible day. the 2-year-old got killed by a train as he tried to cross the tracks with a sitter. his mother was devastated at the time. now, she holds back tears and crosses the bridge named after her son. >> it's a good feeling. a lot to take in right now. >> this is a bridge designed for pedestrians and bicyclist skpsz among the foirs cross is luz saying she used to pedal her son across the track autos very dangerous. my oldest son was always no. let's go around. don't go for the tracks and saying okay, let's go fast. >> she's relieved for the krogsing and along with the new bridge there is a fence installed to block people
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here. >> there has to be fencing there. and they're trying to follow people into using the bridge. >> following the accident his family decided to leave san jose and now calls fresno home. the death proved difficult to handle, the family returned for this dedication. >> this is saving lives and this is awesome. >> the emotions overcame the family. and this bridge called zander's crossing saying his spirit will be giving safe passage for those who choose to cross here. what is nice is that we've been seeing people using this bridge just hours into it. and this only took less than a year to zrin zin ask construct but took more than nine years
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to gather funding for the project. >> there is a law firm taking action after one attorney was attacked and robbed. the dolean law firm launching a public service campaign to make sure what happened to heather sweeney does not happen to anyone else. she was celebrating a birthday inside of a bar z man and woman mugged her. >> reality is that it's happening everywhere and happening to people walking down the street in broad daylight and inside restaurants and thieves becoming more aggressive and more brazen. attacks getting more violent. >> chris dolean plans to spend up to $20,000 on this campaign that will include radio and newspaper warnings for what is being called phone jacking and offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to arrest of the people who attacked
4:33 pm
heather sweeney. >> u.s. banks have been overwhelmed by powerful cyber attacks. >> this are millions of customers blocked in a massive attack. >> there is ab elevated level of threat that is now high. >> sources tell abc news it's a attempt where hackers have kmond yeerd thousands of computers world wide that have overwhelmed bank web sites with electronic traffic. >> this is twice as large as nif flood we've seen. >> thursday there is a site under attack and customers taking to facebook. one customer wrote trying to pay bills this, is ridiculous. another posted never realized how dependent i am on this. there is a group of hackers warning the industry it was going to attack in retaliation
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for that controversial film that sparked outrage in the muslim world. >> this is the first time we know about where a middle eastern entity and perhaps government attacked web sites of critical infrom a structure in the united states. >> so far they have not been able to steal money or disrupt markets there is a race against time to stop them. >> they can move money around and cause financial caseos. >> the u.s. government is working to locate and block this massive attack. and fears a cyber war is fully engaged. >> there is no signs of human remains in the michigan search for jimmy hoffa. they drilled through dirt and this is a latest effort to
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find the remains of the former teamsters boss. a tip from a man claims he saw a body being buried under a driveway led to the search. there is officers loading up a soil sample. there are results could be ready by monday. >> authorities released 911 calls from witnesses reporting what turned out to be a hoax of police weren't laughing. there are a couple calls and tapes. >> what looks like a little girl with a machine gun pointing something at vehicles driving by. >> i don't know but it looks like a kid drugged up with a big bazooka-looking thing. i don't know if it's a joke. they're probably trying to be funny. it's not funny. >> and it wasn't funny. police arrested the man
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videotaping his nephew. he posted the video on you tube and claims he did it to see how long it would take police to respond to a terrorist threat. he did knit july. and a few days after the aurora, colorado shooting massacre. police not amused and he faces four different charges including endangerment and knowingly giving false information. >> there new orleans saints got bust forward running a bounty program. now, the national pop warner organization suspended a head coach in the city of tustin on allegations the coach paid $20 bounties for hits on opposing players. and these kids are 10 and 11 years old. they put suspensions in place last night.
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>> and just ahead how a bowl full of cherries can help with your health. >> and a study finding one attempt to fight it is not working. >> and today's 7 on your side q and a just ahead. i'm taking your questions on twitter and facebook. you can contact me. and there is questions answered here, live later. >> and i'm sandhya patel from our camera, there is fog and sea breeze combining to cool us off today we're going to be heating up going into weekend. there are he'd watches going up. >> there is a look at the golden gate bridge. traffic moving along nicely. stay with us. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues
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checking healthy living news, if you suffer from gout there is a study showing a bowl of cherries might prevent the pain in your big toe. researchers found eating 30 cherries within 48 hours of an attack cut the risk of recurrence by a third and eating one and a half cups of cherries appeared to prevent an attack. the study published in the journal arthritis and rum tism.
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>> most weight loss programs for children include physical activity but a study questions its usefulness. there are where they found physical activity has a limited affect because programs tond replace after school tichts rather than adding to them. >> here is taking romance to new heights. the pilot of a small plane took his girlfriend for a ride of her life, then he told carly kennedy controls weren't responding and handing her an emergency check list. and she finished the note with a question will you marry me? >> a lot of the women have i have spoken to said boy have slapped him. >> for us it was a perfect match it was good. perfect. >> carly said yes. and this prose poseal went
4:42 pm
viral and is lucky to be alive today. >> i would have been among the camp of women slapping him. >> can you imagine the panic you're feel something. >> she needed him to land the plane. so before feeding him--beating him senselessly, best to do that on the ground. >> there is sandhya patel here now. >> there are temperatures getting out of town 104 in palm springs. there is los angeles, 87 tomorrow afternoon. our temperatures going up tomorrow we're going to see low 90s inland. there is 85 san jose. 77 degrees in san ma ao. 64 on the coast. mid 80s in santa rosa and napa. taking a look at events happening there is a fix of
4:43 pm
fog and sun. at 6:00 fog will be rolling back in, upper 50s so going there is looking good. there is harvest moon rise at 6:31. this will be full at 8:19 p.m. and it's called harvest moon and so there you go, enjoy. >> coming up a rare apology from apple. >> admit being taking responsibility for and what they sned apolling. >> and what collectors can, and cannot do.
4:44 pm
>> and and california lawmaker leads to a fight against sexual assaults in the military. the solution to get justice for victims and gets kid hands dirty for history. what they dug up that is a century old.
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april dwrel's move to create a version of google maps is not going well and now there is a rare move by apologizing. tim cook issued an apology to millions of iphone 5 users because of apple maps. customers are complaining the problems with the app are all over the place. fewer details lacking public transit and misplaced landmarks and saying it's a problem but not for long. >> there is a short term embarrassment. they released maps before it was baked and i think they did apologize for that and should have.
4:48 pm
and in the end is going to be fine. >> he says he hasn't gotten lost yet. tim cook telling customers to down load map apps from the app store or use google by going to its web site to create an icon to the home screen to its web app. >> and this may be a good opportunity to realize there are good apps out there. >> how long will apple will be target? so as soon as they come out with a fix this will be history. >> there is a second time they have had to apologize. the customer had to defend itself after users were complaining it lost reception. >> there is michael finney here now to answer questions and the first one comes from
4:49 pm
carolyn m wants to know can a debt collector call me at work? >> yes. therk. and -- they can but this is the worst part in just a moment. there is you can stop them if your employer does not allow you to accept phone calls at work you can tell them that and they're not allowed to call you anymore. you should tell them by certified letter, they can call your boss and that is legal as well. however, they can only do it under certain circumstances. verify employment, business location, or garnish wages and for that, they need a judgment and discover if you have medical insurance. and if they don't do any of those things they're open for a lawsuit. >> there is a to 12 new car i'd like to buy. is it better to wait until owe
4:50 pm
2013? >> 2013 models are beginning to roll out. and there is when they do come out rices drop a lot. there is sometimes as much as 20% off there is a real deal is cars going through a redesign. problem is that you now have a car looking older. if you plan to keep it eight, nine years and don't have to be that stylish you can save a fortune. and this is up to 25%. >> a lot of money. >> yes. >> sonia asks medical supply companies selling information to other organizations is out of control. my mother gets mailings from funeral companies and is this legal? >> everybody thinks hipa covers this and it kind of does but there is a gray area. >> these guys are not covered
4:51 pm
by hipa unless medicare pays a bill. there are a lot of times there is a loophole that you can get around it. if you think there is a problem go to office of civil rights and file a complaint there. they have found ways to get around it. that is what it comes down to. >> thank you. >> sure. >> a 4-year-old girl becoming more than a little helper. >> what she did what saved her mother's live and made her a here yes. >> a flea market find that may be too good to be true. that is why this owner may not have to give it back. >> there is more on the ipad,
4:52 pm
your prized possession, stolen going through security? there is what we've learned congress is now doing and are online pharmacies the real thing? after his marriage collapsed what we're hearing from arnold schwartzeneggar for the first time today. that is after [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents on their own are wonderful
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...but add some ham and cheese ...roll them up in some crescent dough and tada, thursday is now... a ham & cheese crescent roll-up wonder pillsbury crescents, let the making begin. that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun.
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a preschooler has become a hero after kuchl together rescue when her mom collapsed in front of her. >> this is remarkable. >> diana knew she would move heaven and earth to help her daughter but never expected her 4-year-old would be saving her. >> the frightening ordeal began when jenson collapsed from her coach to the floor. livia called 911.
4:56 pm
>> the description is a two by four in the back of my head and side. >> jenson, who has lupus was suffering a seizure. >> stay by mommy telling me if your stomach ising up and down. >> mommy is your stomach going up and down? >> yes. >> is that mommy in the bok ground? >> yes. >> she was unable to speak only gesturing. >> mommy what is wrong? >> head? okay. >> she's not answering you? >> no. her head hurts. she's showing you what hurts. >> this is the only time the dispatcher met the person on the other end of the phone. livia left an impression. >> to be able to talk to someone and how well she did, reminds me of why i like to do
4:57 pm
the job. >> tell me help is on the way, okay. >> help is on the way, mommy. >> and and i need you to watch her. >> and a great job. >> good, quick thinking there. >> here is where good fortune goes bad. a $7 find turns out to be a original renoir. >> it's worth $75,000 to $100,000 but now it turns out it was stolen 61 years ago from a museum. >> it's a catch. insurance money paid out in 1951 but the museum wants it back. the owner says he'll hold off until fbi can sort this out. >> yes. he's going to -- i'm not sure if i can find it. >> and thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> there is.
4:58 pm
>> hoping streets will be safer after a 12-year-old girl is killed. >> get ready for critical mass. bike riders descend on the streets. >> i'm sandhya patel. hot weather coming up this weekend prompting heat watches. i'll show you what areas will go under those and how hot goitsing to get coming up. >> good evening, investigators have found no fault with a driver. >> there are calls to make it safer where it happened. >> this is where people
4:59 pm
stopped to talk about the accident happening here yesterday. the 12-year-old riding a bike home from school when hit head on by an suv at about 3:00 p.m. and she was flown to childrens hospital, oakland. she was a 7th grader and the school called in grief counselor autos there are no words to express sorrow and loss. there is pain is deep. >> and he described her this way. >> beautiful. loving. outgoing and her mother as well. >> and the death might be a yat lift for changes along novato boulevard its a scary road. >> she says

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